What is HYIP & How To Start Your Own HYIP Program

What is HYIP?

hyip-tipsHYIP is High Yield Investment Program, like any other investments opportunity, which pays you a percentage of your invested funds (either constant or varying). Most of the HYIPs pays daily or weekly interests, which can be withdrawn to your payment processor either once a month or on a daily basis.The concept is very simple, you just need to invest some of your funds and watch the profits grow. Then on a daily basis or monthly basis, your account will be rewarded with the promised interest which can be withdrawn or compounded. HYIPs is the easiest passive income!
High Yield Investment Programs have become very popular nowadays and lot of con artists or even teenagers are trying to make fast money by opening a HYIP fund and they defraud others easily. Experienced HYIP investors can easily recognize the scam, but if you have only started with HYIP investments, beware of the programs with extremely high daily interests. If you find that they are paying more than 10% daily, then it is certainly a SCAM and you will not see your funds back.
However, there are some real High Yield Investment Programs that have been paying their members for a long time and have a good reputation. You should only look for these programs that are started by experienced traders or manager experts. To find suitable funds that are good, you can check HYIP monitoring sites like hyip.com.
In addition, HYIP programs usually use either automatic or semi-automatic payment scripts that allow you to withdraw your interests at anytime.It’s also recommended to withdraw your interest frequently to minimize the risk. HYIP Manager Script helps you to start your own Hyip investment site in minutes! All you need is a way to generate earnings and use our powerful script. To become a successful investor, you need to learn a lot, read all the HYIP related articles written by senior investors, visit forums, participate in HYIP discussions, and of course invest.

Starting Your Own HYIP Program

Have you ever wondered if you could start your own HYIP program? The simple fact of the matter is that you could be making hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars if you start your own HYIP! Starting Your own HYIP site is easy with AJ HYIP – HYIP Manager Script . And it has come with the most advanced features to manage all your investor investment and with responsive layout designs you can create your hyip portal. Admins that run good, solid, and responsive programs can see a huge profit in just days or maybe weeks. The most common fear with HYIPs is that the admins are scams.
Have you ever been burned by an HYIP? I have and I’ll tell you I can’t remember how many times I’ve said to myself, if I started an HYIP I’d make it the best there is. Well, the truth is, I have! Now I can’t give away any details about my past programs, but I can tell you this; you can start your own HYIP for almost NOTHING! That’s not the problem, the problem is that most start ups face is they don’t know how to GROW their High Yield Investment programs.
Would you like to start your own HYIP and then see it grow to hundreds of members with thousands of deposits!?You can! It’s easier than you think!
But it takes the right tricks of the trade to make it happen.
Any Joe can get online and grab a hyip script and start an HYIP program. But what makes it grow? What is the secret to making big profits?
Well, you have to do a lot of work for it to happen and don’t believe the “start your own HYIP” programs that feed you hype like it will happen over night or that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit. It’s not realistic and you’d have to extremely huge and last for years to break 100,000 of profit.
The goal is if you start your own HYIP is to create a buzz, get new members, and to keep old members paid out so that they keep reinvesting. You want to generate hundreds and thousands of profit. How do you do that? Well you could run a long term program and charge a slightly larger withdrawal fee. At the end of the day you’d take a percentage of ALL the withdrawals made and put it into a “profit” account. For example, let’s say your withdrawal fee was 4% and each withdrawal would be docked the 4%. At the end of the day, you’d take the total withdrawal amount; subtract 4% from it, and move it to your profit account. The HYIP keeps going and puts the profit in your account on a DAILY basis.
Another suggestion is that you could charge a slightly lower to NO withdrawal fee and run a “round”. This seems to be one of the most common ways to run a HYIP program. The admin sets a predetermined percentage, say 85%, and that stops the “round” or game when the total withdrawal amount reaches 85% of the total deposited amount. Thus keeping 15% of the total deposited amount for themselves as profit.
If you choose to start your own HYIP, Its easy to set up hyip site with AJ HYIP – HYIP Script and the overall goal should be to run a good honest program.

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