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World’s Best HYIP Manager Script

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is the most popular concept among the finance and investment people. HYIP makes it possible for businessmen to generate Capital and Reinvest the Money for Quick Profits.

AJ HYIP NX is the advanced HYIP Script address all the key requirements including Investment Plan Creation, User Management, User Groups, Interest Calculation, Referral, Referral Settings, Payment Gateway Settings, Withdraw settings and Limits, Fund Transfer, Bonus & Penalty.

Responsive Design

AJHYIP is a PHP-MySQL based HYIP Manager Script. This third version of AJ HYIP Software is the output of our hands-on experiences in financial software development. The team applied their experience and developed this version with an approach to User Experience.

Improved Security & Performance

In building this new version, we took care of addressing the performance & security issues. The code is completely re-written in MVC pattern to allow the developers to extend & skin the software easily. Also, needful event logging & IP logging are done.

Integrated CMS & Articles

AJ HYIP NX also includes an integrated CMS & Article Management System. The article management system helps you to create SEO friendly articles and promote your website. The HYIP NX also comes with an integrated Ad Management System & Newsletter Module

AJ HYIP – Supported Payment Methods

Professional HYIP Software

Our combination of professional services, reasonable pricing, HYIP script services, customer support and friendly manner is very rare and original in the modern world of business. We offer cutting-edge solutions for HYIP including website design & development, Search Engine Optimization, database solutions, HYIP software, HYIP templates and much more.

About HYIP Script

The firm always offers you the required creative work for shaping into result-oriented products. Moreover, they are groomed with many up gradations to work efficiently and bring profitability for the customers. With varied next-generation principles, the working standard of the product has style and innovation. You can always look out for the most creative work developed from this HYIP manager software product. The global client’s never faltered in the application of new products that figure out regularly from the efforts of the company. The standard of quality is maintained with the prime vision of keeping clients always at their service for better development. You can select various options with regard to the software demo of this product.

The Best Tech Support Around

AJ HYIP has the most knowledgeable and experienced technical support staff in the business. On top of this, our support associates are friendly, honest, and respectful. Our tech support team has years of experience with HYIP software, HYIP monitor script, and HYIP website templates. They also have many years of experience working in various cutting edge industries. They bring all of this valuable experience to their work with our customers. And We guarantee that you will be satisfied with anything you purchase from our range of HYIP templates and scripts.

AJ HYIP is the best HYIP Software of the highest quality. Our HYIP manager script meets customer needs and allows them to create and manage their own online HYIP business site with ease. It is a professional financial tool that requires no technical knowledge in order to navigate or work through the software. AJ HYIP is easily customizable and hence the end-user can customize the website according to his needs with just a few mouse clicks. It is facile to use with a single administrative interface. The administrator can control all the features with minimum server requirements.

Our business prides itself on providing outstanding customer service and aiming to build lasting relationships with our customers. We do this by providing the HYIP templates necessary for a profitable and easy-to-run business. The majority of our clients have been doing business with us for years and are repeat customers.

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