PAYPAL Clone Script

A good payment processor for managing transactions in and out of a website is as essential as a good cashier for taking care of fund transactions in any physically established business. Paypal is one of the most prominent payment processors now available on the web and we have made this clone script in a view to completely emulate all its features effectively. And we have come out with this script which could be a perfect companion for processing all the payments happening on your website.

As mentioned earlier, there will be a lot of websites that would be in need of a good payment processor, and on purchasing our script you’ll be able to address this essential requisite. It enables you to have your very own payment processor which would be a replica of a Paypal payment processor. Using it, you can build your own customer base by providing all the services offered by the famous payment processor at a competitive price. This in turn could be affected only through our clone script as it comes with the best price for all the best features that it offers.

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