HYIP Investors – Tips To find Good Paying HYIP’s

When you are thinking about a making HYIP investment, attention needs to be paid to the website. Compare it with other HYIP sites and see if the templates are similar and if it has a professional look about it. If you are unsure whether it would be safe to invest using this particular site, then check other listings in the HYIP monitor.
If it is a professional and genuine site, it will have online support, a good response time and you should be able to find an email address for the administrators. This is not the email directly to the site but the email of the actual administrators. These can be found on the HYIP monitor or Whois.
How to Find Good HYIP's
You will need to ensure that the program is using a genuine, licensed HYIP script and not a pirated version. This is so that you can be sure that it is well protected from the hackers and of stability when you are accessing the website. You can find out whether a HYIP uses a licensed script by looking up a HYIP script supplier such as AJ HYIP.

For convenience and speed, check that instant withdrawal is available. This enables you to submit your withdrawal request and get your account credited immediately as it is processed automatically and you do not need to wait around for admin approval, which can waste precious time. If the high yield investment program does not offer the option of instant withdraw, it just means that things will be a little slower.
The risk with instant withdrawal, is that API needs to be turned on by the admin in the payment processor. Usually HYIP investments are processed via Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money, which is sometimes a risk as both of these systems have been known to contain the API bug. This means that it is possible for money to be stolen from the account as hackers are easily able to gain access.

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