How to find a good HYIP Project

The lifetime of a project is determined by the operating administration’s investment plan and offered assets along with the quality of HYIP fund execution. When trying to understand quality and contrasting HYIP-projects, you should keep the following tips in mind.

1) The website should look reputable and professional. It should attempt to look attractive and possibly modeled after finance web portals. The interface should feel natural and simple to the user. HYIP is often associated with impulsive investing, so it is in your best interest to have a simple and logical site to remove friction from investments. This will attract more funds and thusly will pay out interest over a longer period of time. It may be hard to evaluate an objectively good or bad design without any reference or testing, but as a general rule of thumb, impressing-producing websites generally consist of easy and intuitive interfaces.
2) For long term programs, it is imperative to have an easy to understand legend. This means your users should easily be able to see what sort of activity the company performs. Again, the legend should be simple and intuitive so that even first time HYIP users are able to understand it. If this is a short term project, the legend is not as important.
3) If you are an officially registered company, be sure to showcase your certificate of registration or at the very least, a link to your registration office that shows off the accolade. This will help instill confidence in your users right away. AlertPay implementation should also be registered under the same name as your company, and this information must be consistent across payment and banking details. This is important because in order to register an offshore company, the company must spend 5000 EUR. It makes no sense for the administration to end a project before payback time. So once again, this only makes sense for longer term projects which are capitalizing on investment timeframes.
4) Contact information should be easily accessed and prominent. You should include, at the very least, a customer support telephone number, a physical address for legal matters and written mail and possibly a live chat module within the webpage. You should frequently monitor the email address that you use for primary communication so you can reply to customers inquiring about investment plans. There should be no problem for your customers getting through to customer support as well. In a shorter term project, it may make sense to only have customer support and live chat.
5) Ensure that you have data encryption for all browsing sessions on your website. This means checking that you have a valid SSL certificate for all pages of your site. An Extended Validation certificate is a bit more costly and you must submit official documents about your business as a legal and official entity, but this will ensure proper encryption of data that will make your customers feel safe. If your certificates are implemented correctly and validly, you will notice an SSL icon in the upper left hand corner of your browser.
6) Protection against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) is also very important. You want to ensure that your website does not go down under a DDoS attack. You should implement some form of DDoS protection so that competitors or hackers will not be able to take your site offline. Faster projects are susceptible to this form of attack as there is a lot of volatile changing of funds to cover the large interests. You do not want a project to crash.
7) A proprietary engine is also a large plus to your project and gives clients confidence. It shows you have a lot invested in your site.
8) Referral commission should be kept relatively low. If you have it at above 10% it will attract more potential funding, but at the cost of having to pay out high amounts immediately to the referrers. This may allow a larger collection of funds up front, but will ultimately shorten a projects lifespan.
9) High level projects are now employing the use of video marketing with paid actors. This should be used to promote your best project, as it will definitely increase larger profits than a project without video promotion.
10) There are many HYIP related forums out there that will discuss ideas and give general feedback. While this can be a great resource for learning, you should be way of falling victim to purposely false opinions or spam messages from competitors.
11) A good tip is to enter the name of a program into Google to understand opinions and get feedback relating to a project from investors.
12) You should be sure to check the status of your HYIP project on several different HYIP monitors to ensure accuracy. An example would be, which will list a valid project status as “PAYING”.

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