How To Check Quality Of HYIP

A high yield investment program (HYIP) is an investment scheme that is supposedly meant to deliver high returns on investment and in most cases will talk of more than 100% in returns. These schemes are commonly considered fraudulent. Let us address the issue of checking on the quality of a HYIP website.
There are factors to consider when checking the quality of any website and this is no different for a HYIP website. These factors that we are going to address may not guarantee a 100% assurance due to the fact that most HYIPs are considered to be scams. What we can do on the other hand is check on the quality of HYIP websites. This is done to avoid losing money before taking the next step of making an investment.
I have been bringing in returns on my investments in the HYIP Industry for about 3 years now and with the gained experience I believe the following are factors to consider when checking quality of a HYIP website:
How to Check Quality Of HYIP
License script
It is important that you check the websites license script which proves that they are allowed to run the investment program. Many companies offer this HYIP software but the famous and trusted companies for HYIP script is AJ HYIP & the pricing is just 99$.
Ensure that the website you choose has a valid HYIP script and not one that is copied and sold with a new template. Good HYIP scripts in my opinion must have a license and show signs that the Admin took their time to customize it so as to make it better and flexible. I would recommend the use of the script from AJ HYIP not only because it is good but it is safe as well.
Template website
You should also consider the website’s template. The more you use these schemes, the more you are likely to know which template works best in the industry. Experience is the best teacher in this case. The template should however look appealing, have clarity and it should be supported by several devices. The template is the first thing to see once you access the website so this should not be hard to identify especially if you are working with websites most of the time.
Hosting, DDoS, SSL
Who is hosting the given website? You are allowed to check the hosting website using Reverse IP by typing the domain of the website. An example would be to type the hosting domain name on site such as Whois Domain Tools. More and more services have developed that can help you check hosting details. Always try to lean more towards reputable hosts.
It may not be easy to check for DDoS enabled websites but with the confirmation of hosting, DDoS is a part of hosting. You can compare the add logo of DDoS they are using with that of hosting they are using. They should be a match, otherwise it is a red flag.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) refers to the security technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and your browser. Due to the fact that we are working with money, security should be very important.
Investment rate
This identifies the rates of return on your investment in relation to the time duration of your investment. HYIP normally has 3 plans.
Short-term HYIP should not have investment rates of greater than 103% after a day or 110% after 3 days or 120% after 5 days. The maximum investment period should be 5 days for the short-term HYIP.
Mid-term HYIP shouldn’t be greater than 1.5% daily, principle included. The return on investment should not exceed 130% of which the maximum time for investment should not exceed 30 days.
Long-term HYIP should not exceed 2% daily and it is time duration should not go past 150 days.
These rates may change but they are considered the best if you are to avoid bad HYIPs.
This dictates the mode of payment after returns have been declared. The more you can trust the payment mode the more liable it is. Transferring money through crude methods should be questioned. Money transfer methods like use of Paypal and Bankwire are more trusted. It is advisable that the HYIP you are considering handles your investment with a reputable money transfer company that can make follow-ups.
There are a number of communication support factors to be considered. These include: online chat capability, telephone connections e.t.c. Provision of a telephone number is very essential as you can communicate with the staff. In many cases, fraudulent HYIP will provide numbers that do not go through while attempting to call them or the numbers belong to other organizations. It therefore becomes easier to confirm if your HYIP website is giving honest information.
Company registration
Companies of any type must be registered and a certificate offered to prove it. This can be backed up by checking it out yourself. Ensure to check on the information written on the certificate. Errors do not occur while registering so do not take an excuse of misspelling for any information.
These are the factors to look out for but be keen to note that some HYIP start off in a genuine way but in some time end up defrauding their clients. Even with the above in mind, it is not 100% guaranteed that they will follow these guides all the time. Be very careful especially when thinking of investing large sums of money.

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