A good payment processor for managing transactions in and out of a website is as essential as a good cashier for taking care of fund transactions in any physically established business. Paypal is one of the most prominent payment processors now available in the web and we have made this clone script in a view to completely emulate all its features effectively. And we have come out with this script which could be a perfect companion for processing all the payments happening in your website.

As mentioned earlier, there will be lot of website which would be in need of a good payment processor and on purchasing our script you’ll be able to address this essential requisite. It enables you to have your very own payment processor which would b e a replica of Paypal payment processor. Using it, you can build your own customer base by providing all the services offered by the famous payment processor at a competitive price. This in turn could be effected only through our clone script as it comes with the best price for all the best features that it offers.

General Features

  • Support extended from simple payments to subscriptions, shopping cart, donations etc.
  • Fully supports automated recurring billing for subscriptions
  • Customizable logos and colours for a completely personalized site
  • User management through add, edit, delete, suspend, ban functionalities
  • Built-in Escrow module for facilitating the need of customers
  • Site Members can encrypt their “Pay Now” buttons for online usage
  • Option for Members to perform mass payments as a single task
  • IPN (Instant Payment Notification) facility as seen on paypal

Front End Features

  • Option for the member to associate multiple accounts and choose the email limit
  • Option to send money to unregistered members and invite them to the system
  • Ability for merchants to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the product buttons
  • Effective module for adding/ editing/ deleting bank accounts and credit cards
  • Option to manage subscriptions through sell, view, add, edit, code functionalities
  • Facility to manage donations through sell, view, add, edit, code functionalities
  • Any-time account information access with options to update, edit and delete
  • Auto session expiry feature to protect account details at times of no activity

Back End Features

  • Separate modules to manage email templates and html templates
  • Option to configure the settings for system and site functionalities
  • Facility to view deposit and withdrawal transactions with provisions for sorting
  • Management of User, Merchant Accounts with complete details
  • Detailed payment menu for performing individual and mass payments
  • Simplified module for Escrow and Affiliates Management
  • Complete control over the information and activities of members of the system
  • FAQ, terms and conditions and related content management option


With the ever growing Online business ventures, the growth of Online Payment processors is also being supplemented. A good payment processor can help its owner thrive over this need of web admin and make huge money from it. Visualizing this need of growing online customers, we have come up with a ready made clone script which can be used to launch a successful online Payment Processor with almost zero efforts and serve the clientèle of e business customers to earn a lot from it.
Advanced Features, Appealing Visibility, Cost-effective approach, Excellent Support, Simplicity in use, Easy Customization are the features that makes our Payment Processor Clone script stand out from others. It has developed by observing the success trends of existing Payment Processor sites and carefully emulating them without even missing a single feature.
After you’re ready with preliminary requisites such as domains and hosting, it’s enough if you straight away purchase our script. It can be easily installed in your server space and launched live immediately getting into action.
We have a competent design team which has already developed some fantastic templates for the home page of the software. And upon your request, unique and dedicated home page designs can be done too.
We have made the script 100% open in order to make it fully customizable from your end. Anyhow if you prefer assigning the task to safe hands, we are always ready to take it up a nd address it with a highly qualified programming team which is capable of completely satisfying your requirements.
We at AJ Square believe in customer satisfaction as the greatest asset and towards achieving it we are maintaining a well organised support team which offers support in different forms namely Skype, Online Chat, Ticket Support and through emails.
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