Order the script here We do accept Bank wire, Western Union, Paypal and Credit Card.
No. You are purchasing a license to use the script only on one domain. You should order an additional license for every other domain
If you start another program at the same domain – you can use the script again. If you use any other domain – order an additional license please.
Yes, we provide a 10% discount for every additional license.
Yes, please visit our Demo page. You can see what are the members area and admin area look like there .
We will send it manually by e-mail.
Our live support team is here to help you with any problems you might experience when using the registration, installation of systems. http://support.ajsquare.com
Yes, We will install the script in your server. Please contact our pre sales support here
Yes, in enterprise license you can change the design for member’s area as per your wish. Also you can send the template to us and we will integrate it for you. For more details please contact our presales team http://support.ajsquare.com
Yes, if the current script does not meet your requirements, please contact us. We will customize our script as per your requirements.
Pro version contains all the features and supports more payment gateways. Here you can view more details http://ajhyip.com/price-list/
You can join our Elite support service, by which you can get technical support. It’s a paid service. You can go for either 6 months (750 USD) or one year (1250 USD) service, depending upon your convenience.
Yes, We will do this upgradation without any data loss.
Please contact our presales team http://support.ajsquare.com
In Developer license the client will get the source code for user panel. User license comes with encrypted source code.
Yes, our script works with below system requirements, http://ajhyip.com/requirements/
Bandwidth usage is a measure of Web site traffic. It is comprised of two traffic types: HTTP and FTP. HTTP traffic is incurred both when people visit and download files from your site using a Web browser. FTP traffic is incurred each time you upload site content using an FTP client. We measure both types of traffic when calculating billable bandwidth usage.
User license – (Non Source code) In this license you can change the logo, banners, contents, FAQ’s, terms, contact details and payment structure. If you want make changes in functionalities, then we will do this under customization. The customization cost depends upon your requirements.
We have another service called custom design service in which we will provide you support in changing the design of the script, languages, style sheet etc
In Enterprise License you can get open source code for user panel. So you can make any changes in user panel as per your wish.
While you purchase the script we will provide with all the details, Installation kit and manual.
You can just send the request to us. Or while ordering just post this as a comment. User license would be encoded by default
There are no extra charges. If you be more specific we would be glad to answer it on a more specific way. Script license fee is a one time fee and it’s valid for the life time. If you need support service alone you can get it from us. We have Elite support service with yearly subscription based for more details about this service check this link Click Here
There are not extra charges. Licensing fee mentioned is a one time fee without any taxes. Installation fee would be extra for user license ($75). If you wish to opt for any extra services like custom design service & Elite support service we would charge extra.

You need to send a requisition mail to salessupport@ajsquare.com or you can reach our presales team here http://support.ajsquare.com/support

We would be giving you Telephonic support for the Enterprise version. For user version you can use of Manuals and FAQ’s
In user area you can view the powered by option. Admin area you can see the Header Banner AJ HYIP on the top.
You can change the home page, Faq and terms & conditions contents from admin panel content management system
By default our script comes with English language. If you want change into any other language please contact our pre sales team support.ajsquare.com
It depends on your ftp client. The easiest way for you is to login to your control panel, find ‘File Manager’ and change permissions with this ‘File Manager’ (if you have such option).
We will install the script in your server. Please feel free to contact us at salessupport@ajsquare.com .For installation we need FTP info ((host/login/password) and MySQL info (database/host/user/password). If you do not know whether do you have the MySQL database or if you do not know how to create it please provide us with your C Panel login info. Installation will cost $75.Free Installation service is available for Enterprise license.
You can usually find this info in the first e-mail you receive when purchasing the hosting. Just contact your hosting provider if you have any problems finding the hosting access info.
This is because of the incorrect site URL settings. It must be the URL of your instal (i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com/AJ HYIP/) don’t include the ending slash Login into your AJ HYIP administrator panel and check the URL under settings / general settings
No. first you should double check that e-mails addresses are correct. If so, then the problem could be in your send mail server (or the SMTP server you use) AJ HYIP only makes a call to php mail() function which simply passed the parameters to send mail according to the send mail path file. So the problem could be in your send mail server.
If your provider provides you cpanel to administrate your server, you can still use AJ HYIP installation script but you must first setup the database through the following steps. * Login into cpanel * Access the MYSQL administration page * Create a new MYSQL user entering username and password * Create a new database Grant privileges for the user you created for the new database Now you start installing the script as described in the AJ HYIP installation manual. When you will be requested for the MySQL database information, select using an existing database and enter the host (usually local host) and the username and password of the user you created in the cpanel. The database name is the one you also created in your cpanel MySQL administration page. Complete the install script as described in the AJ HYIP installation manual.
Here you can choose our pre-made template,http://ajhyip.com/templates-gallery/

Also we will design custom template for you. Please contact our pre sales team support.ajsquare.com

Feel free to modify the .css file and any .tpl file in the /tmpl/ folder with your favorite html editor to make the user and the general areas suit your needs. You cannot change or modify the .php files, they are encoded. We do not pass or distribute our script’s source to our customers in any way for the security reasons. So if you want to make any changes to the script you’ll have to order this job from us. But you can get open source software In Developer version.
Yes, you can. Also we will change the template for you. For more details mail to salessupport@ajsquare.com or http://support.ajsquare.com for live chat.
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