HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is the most popular concept among the finance and investment people. HYIP makes it possible for businessmen to generate Capital and Reinvest the Money for Quick Profits.

Responsive Design : AJHYIP is PHP-MySQL based HYIP Manager Script. It’s developed by the experienced web development team of AJ Square Inc. This third version of AJ HYIP Software is the output our hands-on experiences on financial software development.  The team applied their experience and developed this version with an approach to User Experience. Our hyip software completely revamped to cater the demands of Modern Devices. The Administrator panel completely redesigned  and now it is easy to manage your HYIP Site.

Advanced HYIP Manager Script : AJHYIP V3 is the advanced HYIP Script address all the key requirements including Investment Plan Creation, User Management, User Groups, Interest Calculation, Referral, Referral Settings, Payment Gateway Settings, Withdraw settings and Limits, Fund Transfer, Bonus & Penalty.

Integrated CMS & Articles : AJHYIP V3 also includes integrated CMS & Article Management System. The article management system helps you to create SEO friendly articles and promote your website. The HYIP V3 also comes with integrated Ad Management System & Newsletter Module

Improved Security & Performance: In building this new version, we taken care in addressing the performance & security issues. The code is completely re-written in MVC pattern to allow the developers to extend & skin the software easily. Also needful event logging & IP logging are done. AJHYIP V3 is free from SQL Attacks & Script Manipulations.

Designer Friendly : We understand the Market Demand of HYIP Software and Focus on Building the software that is developer friendly, easy to skin & easy to integrate new HYIP Templates. We build this version on Twitter Bootstrap Framework

HYIP Manager Script

Key Features of AJ HYIP

Multiple Plan

AJ HYIP supports Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Plans. As admin you can define your own HYIP Plan as per your business model. You can also set principal withdraw conditions in the plan.

Interest Calculations

Set your HYIP plan as simple or compound interest plan with an optional ability to calculate interest on weekdays alone. In-build interest calculator helps to you to calculate profits correctly.

User Management

Complete user management controls for administrator with Active / Suspend / Unverified status and ability to group the users based on Plans & Deposit Parameters.

Completely Secure

In AJHYIP V3, we taken extra care to deploy security measures in Code & Database level. SQL Injection & Script Manipulation are prevented. Also IP Log & Block IP features are introduced.

Built-in Newsletter

Set your HYIP plan as simple or compound interest plan with an optional ability to calculate interest on weekdays alone. In-build interest calculator helps to you to calculate profits correctly.

Stats & Reports

In AJ HYIP V3, we worked out detailed reporting sections & STATS section. This allows administrator to track each user’s payment history and also get key information’s in few clicks.

Bonus / Penalty / Referral

Attractive Bonus Plans & Referral Commission Structure helps the administrators to promote the HYIP Plans & get commercial success. We introduced tools to make this easy.

Integrated Advertising Tools

We made a lot of improvement in Advertisement Banner Management Module. Now it is super easy to setup advertisement or promotional campaigns and promote your plans to visitors.

SEO Article Management

One of the best method to promote your HYIP website is to add Fresh Articles with the right keywords and get Organic Traffic. With our article management tools, you can publish unlimited articles.

Responsive UI Design

In AJ HYIP – V3, we introduced Bootstrap Framework Based Responsive UI Design. Now your website adopts to all the screens include Smartphone, Android, iPhone, Ipad, Laptops & Desktops.

PHP - MVC Framework

The AJ HYIP Software – V3 is built on powerful PHP MVC Framework known as AJDF. AJDF is the powerful, easy to use enterprise grade framework behind AJ Square Web Apps.

Easy to Install

In AJ HYIP V3, we upgraded the Install Wizard. Now you can easily install the AJHYIP in any supportive server. Installation takes less than 5 minutes.

AJ HYIP V3 - Supported Payment Methods

  • paypal
  • wire transfer
  • pefect money
  • payeer
  • bitcoin
  • neteller
  • web money