A high-yield investment program monitor, or HYIP listing/rating site, refers to a website that promotes high yield investment programs with a listing system that receives referral commissions from high yield investment programs. All of these sites use a similar type of listing system. Usually, the monitor invests some money into each high-yield investment program that they advertise then labels it as paid if the interest is paid back to them on time, or labels it as a scam if the payment is stopped. Some high-yield investment program monitors also have discussion forums that facilitate recruits of new investors into their listed high-yield investment programs. These are often carried out by the “cheerleaders” or, shills, who are advocates of high-yield investment programs. They share the same belief that a high-yield investment program is not a scam, but a good money-making opportunity as long as it pays.

AJ HYIP Monitor Features

Responsive Design

AJ HYIP MONITOR V1 by default comes with fresh responsive UI design and adopts to Mobile, Smart Phone, Tablet & Desktop Screens.

PHP MVC Framework

AJ HYIP MONITOR is built on the powerful AJ DF – Framework with industry standard coding addressing all security & performance criteria.

Bootstrap Framework

In V1 Version, the user side has been completely re-written with Twitter Bootstrap framework. Now redesigning & skinning is easy.

Developer Friendly

We follow industry standard coding practices and the final code is well structured, rightly commented and easy to learn & extend.

Localization Ready

We work hard on code level and now it is easy to localize the software. With little efforts, AJ HYIP MONITOR can be adopted to any language.

Customization Ready

We have a in-house development team and consultants and are available for Customizing the software to support your business model.