HYIP Script Features

Responsive Layout

HYIP Script has a completely responsive layout. That means that this script will work on any device, such as, smart phones, desktop computers, and laptops. Users will be able to experience a consistent experience no matter what device they use without the hassle of enabling mobile layout. The layout will adapt to the user’s screen resolution and screen size.

Supports Multiple Payment Gateways

The Admin will have complete freedom in choosing the payment gateways that they wish to make transactions through. You will be able to choose from payment gateways, such as BitCoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Eway -Direct Payment, ECU, Authorized.Net, WebMoney, PayPal, Google Checkout , Wire Transfer

Payment Transaction Details

As the Admin, have the freedom to view the entirety of payment details for transactions. Admins even have the option of viewing invoices for payment transactions.

Mass Pay Option

Mass payment options are only supported by Perfect Money. If the user has a Perfect Money account the Admin will be able to merely press a button. If not, the Admin will have to process the payment manually by signing into the specific payment gateway and producing the user’s account.

Interest Calculator

On the homepage there is a calculation link. This link will help the user calculate interest, returns, and the earnings from their account.

Default Payment Gateway

The AJ HYIP Manager script support all major e-currencies like BitCoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Eway -Direct Payment, ECU, Authorized.Net, WebMoney, PayPal, Google Checkout , Wire Transfer. These currencies can be used for the Manual, Auto, Masspayout and Misc transactions. These payment gateways can be used for Deposit, Withdrawal, Referral commissions payouts.

Security Based Encoded Database

The security based encoded databased makes sure that your passwords and data will never be hacked. The Admin’s password will be encoded to prevent any sort of theft.

Setting Investment Packages with Ease

Improve your business by allowing more people to join the plan. As the Admin, set an unlimited amount of investment plans. You will also have the option of sending the plan to Groups as well.

Simple and Compound Interest

Have the freedom to set interest rates for every deposit amount range. Choose from two options, simple or compounded. As the Admin you have the option to set enable or disable compounding with a specified amount. Members will be able to change their compound percentage anytime that they choose to do so.


Polling is a valuable tool used in marketing. You will be able to poll your site’s visitors to provide better content. Visitors will even be able to view the results of the poll by clicking on the “view result” link. As an Admin, you will be able to add new polls to make your website more attractive and valuable. Also, you can edit or delete polls at any time.

Enable of Disable Duplicate IP Check

Be more cautious by checking for duplicate IPs. As an Admin, you will have the option to send emails to the user if they sign on using a different IP address.

Customizable Site Statistics

The site statistics that is displayed on the user’s side can be edited and modified by the Admin. Details, such as, deposits, withdraws, total users, site started, and late updated can be viewed and modified by the Admin .

View Full Transaction Details

As an Admin, you will have complete access to view entire details of transactions for deposits, bonuses, penalties, earnings, withdrawals, commissions, release deposits, and the interest earnings. To do this, simply give the date range that you wish to view.

Managable Deposit Plans

Start managing your deposit details in a fun and efficient manner. You will be able to delete or add plans for your site. Also, you will have the option of editing your plan to conincide with your own marketing strategy.

Internal Fund Transfer

Registered users of the HYIP site will be able to transact their current amount among theirselves. As the Admin, you will be notified about the fund transaction. View details about the user who transferred the money and who actually received the money. Any Admin commission involved in this process will be transferred to the Admin Earning area.

Control Payment Settings

As the Admin, select the exceptional payment gateway that you are comfortable with. Continue or disable certain payment gateways for your transactions.

Mail in Rich Text Format

Rich Text Format or RTF has more options and features than plain text. You will be able to manipulate the colors, fonts, and other options in your mail text.

Advanced Statistics

View your site’s statistics and analyze your traffic. As an Admin, you can edit or modify the Site Started details and the Last Update details for all of their users.

Investment Plan

The Admin has complete control over creating unlimited investment plans. Choose between setting daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly plans. In addition, these plans have no restrictions, and you will be able to set unlimited payout plans too.

Block Users Accounts

As the Admin, you can view user transactions and see if they are in the proper mode. From there, you can decide to block or release the user account.

Set Maximum and Minimum Withdraw Amount

Administrator has the power to set the minimum and maximum amount of withdraw amount for the user. The settings will be reflected in the user panel and it will help the user to apply for withdraw request to the administrator.

Send Bonuses and Penalties

This feature is completely controlled by the Admin. You will be able to send out penalties for users who are involved in illegal processes and bonuses for users who provide outstanding performances.

Total Control of Withdrawal Settings

If you are interested in manipulating your site’s gradual interval, then this feature was made just for you. As the Admin, you will have complete control over the settings involving withdrawals. Set your own number of withdrawals per month.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program link will provide the Admin with a list of all of their active referrals. In addition, the Admin will also be provided several helpful marketing tools.

Turning Code Verification

This feature prevents spammers and automatic registration. Basically, this feature is for security purposes.