AJ HYIP is software for investment sites which is immensely structured by AJ SQUARE INC. HYIP.Automatic withdrawal, mass payment and instant payment included. The combination of price, features, performance and security are the best on the current market


Technical Features
Feature Comparsion LITE BASIC PRO
Multiple Payment Gateway Support
Payment Security
Payment Transaction Details
Mass Pay Option (Admin)
Interest Calculator
View Fully Transaction Details (Admin)
Manageable Deposit Plans (Admin)
Internal Fund Transfer
Payment Settings Control (Admin)
Customizable Layout (Admin)
Rich Text Format Mail (Admin)
Advanced Statistics (Admin)
Customizable Payment Option ( Admin )
Advanced Affiliate / Referral System (Admin)
Security Based Encoded Database
Easy Setting of Investment Packages (Admin)
Interest Calculation during Business Days Option(Admin)
Simple and Compound Interest (Admin)
Unlimited Plans (Admin)
Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans (Admin)
Easily Customizable Layout (Admin)
Template based customization of Site
Block User Account (Admin)
Send Bonus or Penalty (Admin)
Set Minimum and Maximum Withdraw Amount (Admin)
Set Number of Withdrawals Allowed for a Month (Admin)
Enable/Disable Duplicate I/P Check (Admin)
Customizable Site Statistics (Admin)
Graphical Statistics (Admin)
Turing Code Verification
Release Deposit
Affiliate Program
Newsletter Subscription
Site Advertisement
Discussion Forum
HYIP Articles
Sub-Admin Creation (Admin)
Restrict IP (Admin)
Site Settings Control(Admin)
Enable/Disable Release Deposit (Admin)
Enable/Disable Turing Code (Admin)
View Site Hits History (Admin)
Re-Set Database (Admin)
Backup Database (Admin)

Design Features

Customizable Layout
One-Time Layout
Flash Header (Available on Demand)
Logo Design (Available on Additional Cost)
Flash Intro (Available on Additional Cost)

Installation,Support and Upgrades